Want A Chance​ At A Free Book?

Bury the Past is coming out in just a couple of weeks. Sweet mother of God that’s coming fast. In the spirit of the holiday season, I’m giving away a couple of copies of the first book in the series, At What Cost.

In At What Cost, we meet the detective pair of John Penley and Paula Newberry as they hunt a serial killer who seems to be harvesting organs from his victims. The case becomes personal to detective Penley because his son has been on the organ transplant list, waiting for a viable kidney. As the pursuit closes in, Penley has a decision to make–take down the killer, or strike a bargain to get a matching kidney for his son…

There are two ways you can enter for your chance at a free paperback copy: Join the Prison to the Page Newsletter, or enter the Goodreads Giveaway.

Come on and enter for your chance to get in on the Penley series…


One comment

  1. Great idea….too bad I already own the first one. It was a good read and moved quickly; the way I like them to. Just a few days ago I was thinking about when the new one would be out so it will be in time for Christmas; wonderful.

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