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Face of Greed is coming in November 2023!

Detective Emily Parker and her partner Javier Medina are called to the scene of a brutal home invasion and murder. At first glance, it appears a crime of opportunity gone horribly wrong. Emily soon finds there’s more to the crime and the dead man, uncovering a web of secrets, deceit, and corruption. The city’s political elite want a quick solve. Darker forces want the case buried. Torn between the high-stakes investigation and caring for her mother with early onset Alzheimer’s, Emily struggles to find a balance. Emily discovers the dead man blackmailed a federal prosecutor to turn over files on an organized crime investigation. When the files disappear, a grieving widow and a prison gang to scramble for control the dead man’s secrets. A deadly game of greed and deception pulls Emily deeper into the shadowy world of gang violence and retribution. Emily walks the razor’s edge to identify the killer without becoming the next victim.

This is the first book in a new series set in Sacramento, California, a city not unfamiliar with violent crime. The story in Face of Greed draws inspiration from one of the first murder cases I worked.


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