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Welcome to my “official” author’s website page. After two decades of work in the criminal justice system, I’ve witnessed the extremes of human behavior, depravity to redemption. The stories I write are influenced by firsthand encounters with gang leaders, drug traffickers, serial murderers and those who face them everyday.

Prisons, jails and the tight-knit criminal operations on the street exist with a unique flavor and culture. I strive to bring a piece of that experience alive in the stories I write for you.

AT WHAT COST was released on December 13, 2016, the first of two novels published by Crooked Lane Books. AT WHAT COST features a Sacramento Police detective, John Penley on the hunt for a serial murderer harvesting organs from his kills. This crime spree becomes very personal for the detective when his own son needs a kidney transplant to survive.

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I’m represented by Elizabeth K. Kracht, of the Kimberley Cameron & Associates Literary Agency.

Please check back often for exciting upcoming news about new releases, contests, and opportunity to get a first peek at the new work, before it hits the street.

Please feel free to contact me at crimewriter@comcast.net

Elizabeth K. Kracht may be reached at:

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