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Face In  A Book El Dorado Hills, CA




It was supposed to be a college fling on an exotic Caribbean island, the kind of trip thousands of tourists take every year and leave with little more than a sunburn and a hangover as a souvenir. This time, the vacation takes a dark and deadly turn. When two girls disappear from a Jamaican resort, local officials and police are more concerned about the impact of a scandal on the tourist trade than in searching for them. It happens all too often in the Caribbean, where fun and sun hide the sinister secret of human trafficking. Grant Turner and Andrea Carson are two single parents thrown together in a hellish nightmare when their daughters disappear without a trace. With nothing to lean upon but one another, Grant and Andrea struggle to find anyone with information about the girls. Their sudden arrival on the island puts them in the sights of a sadistic crime boss, Jon-Pierre Baptiste and his criminal trafficking network. The island’s resorts and nightclubs are Baptiste’s hunting ground. He prowls, kidnaps and sells women to the highest bidder. If one becomes troublesome, her remains end up in a crocodile infested section of Little River. The madman toys with Grant and Andrea, threatening to add the girls to the dead pool in Little River. Grant and Andrea face their worst fears while navigating through a web of corruption and violence. They have no choice but to play along with Baptiste. It’s their only chance to see the girls again. What would you do if your daughter disappeared? Is there anything that you wouldn’t do to save your child?

Little River was my first traditionally published novel in 2013. When released, a portion of the profits were donated to not-for-profit organizations to fight against human trafficking, most notably Not For Sale. I’ve recently re-edited and repackaged the book to include a short story published in the BETRAYED anthology in 2017 – “When the Music Stops.” That story and the anthology focus on the survivors of domestic violence. A portion of the profits from this latest edition of Little River will also be donated to not-for-profit domestic violence services for women and children.


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