BETRAYED: Powerful Stories of Kick-Ass Crime Survivors

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month, and it isn’t by accident that Authors On the Air released their inaugural publication–a crime fiction anthology focused on the issue of personal violence and crime survivors–in October. All of the authors gifted their stories to the anthology and all proceeds are being donated to a non-profit community organization to support victims of violent crime. The project is the result of Pam Stack’s tireless efforts to bring awareness to the subject.

BETRAYED: Powerful Stories of Kick-Ass Crime Survivors features stories from twenty-two acclaimed authors, purposefully selected to bring their wide breadth of experience into BETRAYED. The authors are former law enforcement professionals, lawyers, graphic designers, musicians, educators, medical professionals and crime survivors. They provide a unique mix of backgrounds and life events that blend seamlessly in this anthology. Bestselling author, Allison Brennan contributed a novella to the anthology. I’m humbled to have my story, WHEN THE MUSIC STOPS, among these stories. I’ll be sharing more about my story and how it came to be, in another post.

The crime fiction anthology shines a spotlight on the trauma that occurs in private. This is the kind of violence that is spoken of in hushed tones, or, too often, rationalized or ignored. Regardless of the lies, excuses, or reasons, violent crime committed in the heat of passion touches thousands of men, women and children every year. This physical violation is a betrayal of the sacred bond that exists between family members, and from those who hold a position of trust over another.

Those who are subjected to continuing abuse and violence are made to feel helpless in their situation. They are told they are worthless and deserve the terrible and degrading treatment they receive, often at the hands of a loved one. Trapped in a cycle of recurring violence, hope begins to dissipate until a soul is crushed.

These stories, some influenced by first hand accounts of trauma, depict the insidious nature of personal violence and the physical and emotional damage left in its wake. The authors present stories from varied viewpoints, cultures and settings—that prove this epidemic of personal violence can strike anywhere at anytime. Social standing, political party, or wealth cannot immunize you from falling into this cycle of violence.

Violence also takes a toll on those who respond to the aftermath. Police, paramedics, trauma room staff, all share in the suffering. There is a great Karmic weight that grinds down everyone who is touched by personal violence. Whispers of motive and triggers attempt to compartmentalize the pain, so first responders are able to take the next call.

The characters in these pages suffer, bleed and mend. They fight back. They find hope in the darkness, find help from strangers, and overcome. Sometimes silently, but incrementally, they regain their self-worth and transition from victim to survivor.

These characters are survivors—not victims.

Here are the authors who contributed to the anthology:

Bill Baber, DV Bennett, Allison Brennan, Stephen Cody, Jeanmarie Collins, Terri Lynn Coop, Leland Dirks, Shane Gericke, Pat Gibbons, Elizabeth Heiter, Kathryn Jane, DB Jones, Brenda Kennedy, James L’Etoile, Ava Mallory, Laura Moe, Warren Moore, Chris Philbrook, Kate Pilarcik, Elle J Rossi, Liam Sweeney, and Wendy Tyson.

Here are the links to check out BETRAYED, for yourself:   Amazon, Kobo and Nook

Come and check out these crime short stories and help a worthy cause, It’s already in the top 10 of Kindle Anthologies…


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