E-Book Price Drop

Little River is now available in all e-book formats for $6.99

original cover artwork by Larina L'Etoile

original cover artwork by             Larina L’Etoile

image by DualD Flip Flop

image by DualD Flip Flop                       What would you do if it were your child?


Little River is a human trafficking thriller, set on the exotic island nation of Jamaica.  The abduction of two girls reveals a dark undercurrent on the island paradise and two parents must bargain with a ruthless trafficker for their return.

How far would you go to rescue your child?



A portion of the proceeds are donated to the Not For Sale Campaign, a nonprofit organization founded to fight human trafficking in all its forms.

You can find the Little River e-book at:

Amazon for Kindle  (Also available at Amazon UK, CA and AUS)

Barnes and Noble for Nook

Apple for ibook


Please feel free to contact me at crimewriter@comcast.net.  I always enjoy hearing from readers.

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