Reader’s Choice Awards


I need your vote!

This week I discovered that my Novel AT WHAT COST (Crooked Lane Books) is up for Best Thriller in the annual Killer Nashville Silver Falchion – Reader’s Choice Awards. The ballot went out this week and what’s cool about it is that you don’t have to register for the conference to vote. If you’re a reader- you’re in!

In less time that it takes you to complete one of those Facebook Quizzes — you know the ones where you find out which Disney Princess you most resemble, or which country you were deported from at birth, you can fill out a Reader’s Choice Ballot.

The link for the Silver Falchion Reader’s Choice awards is right here and I’m thrilled to have a my book listed among some really talented folks. I’d be honored if you’d consider voting for AT WHAT COST in the Best Thriller category.

Thanks and we return you to your regularly scheduled programming…


  1. Delores · · Reply

    Done, and forwareded.

    1. Thanks a bunch!

  2. Done and shared. Good luck, Jim!

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