Where is My Contact High?

I needed to blow off a little steam this week and went to a concert. When you go to a rock show there are some unavoidable “extras”–crowds, long lines at the bar, that one guy who wants to start a mosh pit before the first opening band, and pot smoke.

It’s the pot smoke that got to me this time–or really, the lack of it. One of the things you could count on in California, is that at the first drum beat a cloud of smoke would waft up from the crowd and fill the place before the opening act had finished their set. It was always enough to make Snoop Dogg proud. And I always wondered if I’d pop on a random drug test from the contact high.

image by ralph arversen via flicker creative commons

But at this most recent show there was no one sparking up–at least not that I could notice. Security wasn’t particularly heavy-handed. I didn’t see anyone getting pulled out of the crowd for trying to puff, puff, pass. So, what gives? It wasn’t like a New Kids on The Block concert (Which I admit I attended back in the day–because my daughter was a huge fan with the action figures and everything. BTW, my ears still ring from the squealing crowds from that one), this was a metal show with DED and In This Moment.  So, what was the deal with the lack of non-special effects related smoke?

California’s recreational marijuna law went into full effect about three months ago. We’ve seen a surge in emergency room visits related to overconsumption and cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS). Who knew you could smoke so much pot that you’d get abdominal pains and nausea? The treatment for this syndrome–a hot shower and stop smoking pot. The miracle of modern medicine.

Could it be that the recreational use law makes it a “no big deal” to sneak around and light up at a rock show? I’ll admit there were one or two people who smoked one in the line before we got into the club, but inside it wasn’t even noticeable. Something was different and left me without that contact high you sometimes walk away with after a show. This time, all I left with was buzzing ears.

image by jean collins via flickr creative commons

The emergency room visits confirm lots of folks are smoking, but recreational use isn’t as in your face as it has been. It’s an interesting observation. Now, if we could just get that mosh pit guy to chill, we might have something.

I will test this “no big deal” theory at a Primus show coming up.

WordPress won’t let me post concern footage, so here are a couple of photos from the show:


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