Book Release!

Coming out of the lockdown and COVID restrictions makes me feel a little like a groundhog squirming out of its burrow. What to do with all the left over masks and hand sanitizer? Not to mention all the toilet paper some folks hoarded early on in the pandemic that’s now turning into dust. We don’t really know how to act anymore…

Instead of announcing the coming of spring, this groundhog announces what I’ve been doing in the past few months with the release of my latest novel, BLACK LABEL.

A pharmaceutical executive wakes up in a strange apartment and finds herself suspected of the murder of her company’s CEO. Believing she’s insane, or a murderer, Jillian Cooper finds herself on the run from not only the police but also gang enforcers. 

Life-sustaining prescription drugs are a trillion-dollar industry, but who really knows what’s hidden inside those pills and capsules? Big Pharma has a secret and it’s costing thousands of lives. Prison gangs and corporate board members make strange bedfellows, but where there’s money to be had, peace exists through an off-the-books Black Label drug lab. Jillian is left to unravel the company’s secrets before she lands in jail or becomes another victim.

Praise for BLACK LABEL:

Tight, terrific, terrifying. BLACK LABEL delves into the murky world of pharmaceuticals where profit is prioritized above all else. L’Etoile creates a strong female lead in Jillian Cooper, a woman who faces obstacle after obstacle, but still charges into the abyss. More unnerving than a fistful of amphetamines. Unputdownable.”  —K.J. Howe, international bestselling author of SKYJACK

James L’Etoile’s BLACK LABEL is a delightfully complex and twisty thriller with a ripped-from-the-headlines plot that will make you think long and hard before you swallow your next dose of medication. Add in an intrepid heroine willing to do whatever it takes to uncover the truth no matter the cost, and L’Etoile’s newest offering is a winner! — Karen Dionne, author of the #1 international bestseller THE MARSH KING’S DAUGHTER and THE WICKED SISTER

Relentlessly fast-paced and compellingly twisty!  The talented James L’Etoile sets up an irresistibly high-stakes situation: a woman is certain to be charged with murder and doesn’t remember a thing. Can she prove her innocence before she’s silenced forever? A dark journey through the world of big Pharma and big money—you will turn the pages as fast as you can. —  Hank Phillippi Ryan USA Today Bestselling author of THE FIRST TO LIE

If this book had a tag, it would say ‘proceed with caution’ because nothing is what it seems. Told with a vivid and visceral style, this is le Carré’s Constant Gardener meets The Fugitive. As the title suggests, BLACK LABEL is a top of the line thriller. —Gabriel Valjan, Agatha & Anthony Award nominated author.

BLACK LABEL opens at a sprinter’s pace and never lets up. A perfect summer beach read you will want to race through to its end, a novel that capitalizes on its rich premise.—Mark Leichliter, author of THE OTHER SIDE

BLACK LABEL RELEASES ON JULY 20, 2021. Preorders are available now at the usual places:


Barnes & Noble:



Face in a Book (We’ll be having an live, in-person book party on August 14th from 4:00 to 6:00 pm)

I hope you have a chance to check out BLACK LABEL. If you do, let me know what you think. In the mean time, please sign up for the Prison to the Page Newsletter for the latest information on the release, upcoming events, and giveaways. Subscribe to the Prison to the Page Newsletter


  1. littledickens5 · · Reply

    Great cover! I’m sure this novel will be even better. Congrats!

    1. The publisher did a great job on the cover. So far, the feedback has been great.

  2. littledickens5 · · Reply

    Again, a great read completed in less than a day. Ok, I’m ready for another 😊. I’m usually a historical nonfiction reader. You are the only fiction author I consistently read; anxiously awaiting your next case.

    1. Thanks so much! So happy to hear you enjoyed the book. Look for Dead Drop in July 2022!

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