Getting Back in the Water Again

When Left Coast Crime in San Diego was abruptly cancelled after a single day in March 2020, many of the attendees left wondering when and if we’d be able to gather again. We learned more than we ever wanted to know about Zoom, remote working, vaccines, and quarantine workarounds.

When we had a dip in the case counts, I was lucky enough to jet out to Nashville in August of 2021 to attend Killer Nashville and be around other writers and readers. COVID protocols were in place and in spite of the additional burdens, the experience was well worth the extra effort. Killer Nashville is a wonderful, welcoming, conference and I look forward to getting back there again this year.

This week, Left Coast Crime comes back in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Social media is all abuzz with people packing, and getting ready for the first in-person conference of 2022 for many of us. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with friends I haven’t seen since–well, 2020.

I’m happy to be teaming up with Marco Carocari for “Author Speed Dating.” I’ll be pitching BLACK LABEL, and Marco will talk about BLACKOUT, his Lefty Award nominated Best First Novel. Check out BLACKOUT, it’s really good.

It’s my pleasure to moderate a panel on Thursday:

I’m also looking forward to participating in this panel on Saturday:

If you’re attending, please come find me. If it’s your first time at Left Coast Crime, or any writing conference, I think you’ll find it a friendly, welcoming way to jump in.

In other news, my new thriller, DEAD DROP comes out this summer and I’ll be obnoxious about promoting the release–so my apologies in advance… But you get to see the cover first:

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  1. elenataylorauthor · · Reply

    Love the cover! And the graphic – wish I was heading to LCC too. Hope to see you down the road and congrats on your upcoming release!

    1. LCC won’t be the same without you and #NotMyCat is bummed. Me too, but she’s got it bad…

  2. Karen Phillips · · Reply

    I so wish I was going to LCC this year. I’ll be there in spirit. Speaking of spirits, please have a drink in my honor! LOL And I also love the cover for Dead Drop. I was recently in Arizona, so that is on my must read list.

    1. You will most definitely be missed, Karen!

  3. Very much enjoyed LCC and meeting you. And your chocolate.

    1. It was the chocolate, wasn’t it? Great to meet you too, Terry.

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