Guest Post: James L’Etoile – DEAD DROP – The Book Diva’s Reads

It’s all about character!

Many thanks to The Book Diva Reads for allowing me to return to the blog. This time around, I wanted to focus on one element of writing that can make or break a story–character.

I recently had a chance to teach a session on character development at the Gold Country Writers and we dove into the deep end of what makes a compelling character, the different ways to get there, and why it’s important. The session is was broadcast on the Auburn, CA local access channel and it is available on YouTube, if you’re interested.

The Book Diva’s Reads post took a brief look at two main characters in DEAD DROP and how their differing motivations and backstories influenced the story. What do they want, and how far are they willing to go to get it?

Guest Post: James L’Etoile – DEAD DROP – The Book Diva’s Reads

Guest Post: James L’Etoile – DEAD DROP – The Book Diva’s Reads

I hope you check out the blog, and follow The Book Diva’s Reads. It’s a good one.

Speaking of checking out…please check out DEAD DROP and here is the pre-order link for the book. You can ask your local independent bookstore to order a copy for you. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Loved this! Learning more about the characters and their motives is always a plus! Thanks for taking the time to share them with us!

    1. Thank you, Gina! It was fun to talk a bit about craft.

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