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Print Tales – Six Lessons Learned on E-Book to Print Conversion

Uploading two PDF files to IngramSpark didn’t sound too daunting. I took on the challenge, converting my e-book version of Little River to print, because I encountered a significant number of readers who asked for a physical book.  SALT Media Productions, my publisher, and I worked out an amended contract to speed up the print […]

Little River Print Release & Cover Reveal

The e-book version of Little River has been out for a few months and I’m extremely grateful for the support and encouragement from readers and other writers.  Now it’s time for the next step, gearing up for the print release. The date has not been etched in stone, but it is coming on me fast. […]

My Little River Publishing Journey

Every writer’s road to getting a novel published is unique.  No one takes the same turns, makes the same decisions and agrees to compromise in the same manner.  Yes, I said compromise and before the cries of artistic freedom and censorship fall down from the heavens, let me explain how Little River came alive. The […]