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Prison Myths

Originally posted on Murder Books:
There are a great number of myths and legends from the “Big House.” Some myths come from misinformation on what happens inside this strange unfamiliar world, while other legends spring from convict eyewitness accounts–believe it or not, felons aren’t always the best source for accurate information. Don’t get me started…

50% OFF Black Label

Highbridge Audio announced a limited-time sale of the audiobook version of BLACK LABEL for 50% off. That’s a great deal on Black Label narrated by Sara Sheckells.  Please check it out! A pharmaceutical executive wakes up in a strange apartment and finds herself suspected of the murder of her company’s CEO. Believing she’s insane, or […]

A Prison is a Prison…

Originally posted on Murder Books:
Thinking about prison, the public at large has two thoughts; the first being once a convicted person is sentenced, they’re tossed in a cell forever, and second, every prison is the same. —not so much. Correctional systems have evolved since the time of the dungeon in the underground crypt of…

My Life of Crime

Originally posted on Murder Books:
As an author, one of the best compliments you can receive from a reader is they really appreciated the way you “Got into the heads” of the characters, especially the criminals. Since I write thrillers and procedurals, there’s no shortage of bad guys doing bad things. The follow up question…

A New California Serial Killer on the Prowl

We know California has been a serial killer’s paradise since the 1970’s. More serial killers hunted in the state than all the others combined. While others may have racked up higher body counts, (think Ridgway and Dahmer) we seem to have lived with more than our share. The Sacramento region attracts the most with 15% […]


Originally posted on Murder Books:
It’s a pleasure to be here sharing my first post on the Murder Books Blog. Thanks to the crew for letting me contribute. You might know that I worked in prisons for the better part of thirty years. You get to know a bit about how the system works and…

Murder Books Interviews James L’Etoile

Originally posted on Murder Books:
Please join me in welcoming Sacramento based crime novelist James L’Etoile to the blog, literally. Occasionally, we at Murder Books will interview a favorite author in order to help get the word out about a new book, but this interview is even more special because Jim is joining our Murder…

Black Label

My husband (an attorney) always cringes whenever we watch a courtroom drama on television. Why? Because, procedurally, they get everything wrong. I … Black Label

James L’Etoile Launches His Latest Thriller – Elena Taylor

Elena Talyor calls BLACK LABEL, “A perfect suspense novel for a society that has become all too aware of the proliferation of fake reports espoused as gospel and the people willing to believe the lies. A delightfully tense summer read.”James L’Etoile launches Black Label, a brand new thriller with his new publisher. Read my review on […]

The First Two Pages: “Billy’s Plan” by James L’Etoile – Art Taylor

The First Two Pages: “Billy’s Plan” by James L’Etoile – Art Taylor — Read on