A Message from the Great Beyond

I’m not a guy who sees supernatural forces lurking in all the dark shadows. There’s enough real bad stuff out there without leaving it to my twisted little mind.

image from surian sooty via flickr creative commons

image from surian sooty via flickr creative commons


Do ghosts exist? I mean is there something out there trying to establish contact with us on this side of the great dirt nap? All the physics textbooks claim energy can’t be destroyed, it goes somewhere, in another form, like water into steam. Where does the energy (soul, spirit, or inner uumpa lumpa) go?

I’ve caught a few ghost hunter television shows, you know the ones, where the hunters claim to detect and communicate with the spirits of those trapped in between worlds. Yeah, maybe. A ball rolling across an uneven floor, or a light bulb flickering aren’t enough to make me believe. If a ghost were to saunter up (I’m assuming ghosts stroll, or saunter, because that sounds ghosty) and tap one of these “ghost hunter adventurer” types on the shoulder, they would scream like a pre-teen at a Taylor Swift concert.

image by greg westfall via flickr creative commons

image by greg westfall via flickr creative commons

IF, and I mean if, there are spirits bumping around in the night, then why can only some “sensitives” see them? Where do they go?

I stumbled across one possibility this week. I got a message from a departed one from the Great Beyond. This person died tragically, almost a year ago. The message was a Facebook friend request. Not a tap on the shoulder, or a moan from a dark corner, a fricken social media friend request. This contact from beyond started me thinking (I know, that’s dangerous). What if Mark Zuckerberg is a Soul Collector and traps the departed in social media limbo? We’ve all heard of Twitter Jail, so is Facebook Purgatory really that far of a stretch?


Anyway, this friend request–I checked out the link, thinking a family member wanted to keep the memories going, and the page doesn’t exist. The request had no photo, because there are no cameras on the other side, one would imagine, and one mutual friend.  Was that friend dead too? I closed my laptop.

ghosts in the machine image by steve t via flickr creative commons

ghosts in the machine
image by steve t via flickr creative commons

When I opened it and logged onto Facebook, the friend request was gone.

Is Zuckerberg running some sort of soul transfer station? Or, did I stumble on someone’s ham handed hacking attempt on an inactive Facebook page? I’m skeptical, but I’ve got my eye on you Zuckerberg.

image by jd lasica via flickr creative commons

image by jd lasica via flickr creative commons


  1. Does that mean Zuckerberg’s next invention will be Soulbook? I’ve had a few odd things happen after a friend or family member’s death that lead me to believe no one just ceases to exist.

  2. stephanie710 · · Reply

    That’s freaky. I think anything is possible with social media accounts so-Facebook Purgatory…probably. It’s even more creepy that they’re collecting souls during the Halloween season. *his scary music button* 🎃🎃💀💀💀😱😱

  3. If there were ever a purgatory, being stuck in Facebook would be it! I’m one to hang out in cemeteries, being a writer of historical fiction. If anything has ever haunted me it is the stories that I find between the graves and old records. As a Christian, I’m relieved to know I won’t be stuck in Facebook forever! 😉 And good luck figuring out Zuckerberg — marketing sensitives have tried.

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