What Color Is Your Asshat?

With my newsfeed swamped with 31 flavors of political hate, it seems appropriate to dust this one off again. Admit it we all wear an asshat now and again.

James L'Etoile

What Color Is It?

Recently, social media went on meltdown status over the color of a dress. A Tumblr photo set off a barrage of comments over the viewer’s perception of the color. Was it white and gold, or black and blue?

(It was white and gold – and hideous)

Perception. This little haute couture sideshow made me think about perception and how much goes on without us actually “seeing” the real nature of things. What would be handy is the ability to perceive others around us for the true Asshats they are. More importantly, as all Asshats are not created equal, we are in need of a classification system to correctly identify the degree of Asshat-ish behavior anticipated from the Asshat before we engage.

The Asshat image by dot polka from flickr creative commons The Asshat
image by dot polka from flickr creative commons

As in the case of the dress, I propose a system of colors to signify the…

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