The Danger of Bumper Sticker Mentality

Apparently, I must have missed the memo that said that I must publically hate someone or something to fully actualize my human experience.

I’m not apathetic, at least not in the usual application of the word. I do care about stuff–in my own private way. Private, in that I don’t feel the need to plaster my opinions across my car’s rear bumper. I’ve never understood proclaiming your (hate/support/love/denial) over a candidate, or idea that is so polarizing that you seem to be begging for an argument, or chance to convert someone to your way of thinking.

image by thomas kissuskas via flicker create commons

image by thomas kissuskas via flicker create commons

Maybe, because I worked in prison for so many years, I’ve learned not to wear my political beliefs on my sleeve. I don’t post tough on crime banners in my front yard because I know what (and who) that will attract. Working on the inside meant, keep a low profile, don’t talk about private stuff in front of inmates and be aware of what’s going on around you. You didn’t walk around with a bumper sticker mentality.

Why is it that we have the need to broadcast a personal opinion in such a way that says if you don’t believe what I do, you’re either a dimwitted ferret or destined for an afterlife of eternal damnation? While I seem like a dimwitted ferret while I’m drafting a new story (it’s a process – okay?), my interest in what you have to preach is not based on the assortment of adhesive backed slogans mounted on your Prius.

image from reddit

image from reddit

You and I may (probably do) share some of the same views, but I don’t need the affirmation of every driver in the HOV lane to make me feel good about myself and my choices. I can make up my own mind and if you ask me about my thoughts about (insert emotionally charged topic here), I’d likely be glad to share it with you over an adult beverage.

Bumper stickers are the yelling of print media. I don’t know about you, but I could use less yelling and more civil conversation. You could save yourself the embarrassment of the gummy residue left over after you scrape off the sticker for your losing candidate. You’ve seen that sticky shadow of shame.

image by

image by

I’d think twice about fueling road rage with a choice of bumper stickers. You don’t know what’s going on in someone’s life. For all you know that guy driving the cattle truck just got a layoff notice and the last thing he wants to see is a minivan with a Go Vegan message plastered across the rear end. Talk about an ironic accident report…”Cows T-Bone Vegan.”

Think before you stick.



  1. Haha – we drive a red Prius along with about 1/2 our town so we have a sticker on the back of our car just so that we can find it. It’s not a commentary sticker though.

    1. Noted: On the lookout for a red Prius with sticker to make it stand out among all the others. Hee hee

  2. I LOVE the first line here. Also, this: “Bumper stickers are the yelling of print media.” *sigh* Why? There really is no need to fuel road rage. Or any rage, really.

  3. […] may not be affixed to the neighbor’s bumper, but it is a fine example of the in-your-face bumper sticker mentality that is dominating our current election […]

  4. One of my neighbors just plastered the entire side of his very nice pick-up truck with a huge vinyl graphic of Donald Trump. I posted a picture this morning because it’s hard to tell from the graphic just exactly what his position is. I’ve linked to this post of yours because I think you add to the discussion . . . although prolly not as much as the truck does, because it is just awesome on several levels.

    1. Marina Cross · · Reply

      I have never and will never place a sticker on my vehicles because of all the reasons you listed. That Virginia car needs to go home.

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