At What Cost Sneak Peek


Come here, come closer.  Look what came in the mail today! The Advance Reader’s Edition of AT WHAT COST, published by Crooked Lane Books.

AWC book pile

I felt like Steve Martin in “The Jerk.” The new phone books are here! I am somebody!

Matt Martz, Sarah Pope, Heather Boak, and all the folks at Crooked Lane Books really pulled out all the stops on this one and I’m grateful for their trust in AT WHAT COST. The release is planned for December 13, 2016, so we can solve all your Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/Winter Solstice gift giving needs.

Pre-Orders are available on HERE

Here is the book blurb from the back cover to whet your appetite:

Would you trade your career to save your child?

What if it meant letting a serial killer walk free?

When Sacramento Police Department Detective John Penley and his new partner, Detective Paula Newberry, are tasked with leading the investigation into a local serial killer, it’s business as usual–if gruesome business. The killer has dumped three bodies in the past six weeks–and all of them are missing their internal organs. But while pursuing a lead, the detectives stumble upon a personal message the killer left behind for Penley. And it’s attached to a human kidney.

How could the killer know Penley’s son is on the kidney transplant list? Now Penley’s baited into an impossible trap that could jeopardize his entire career. Will the detective take down the killer and place his faith in the medical establishment to heal his child? Or will he make a deal with the devil for the transplant organ his son needs to live? AT WHAT COST is a heart-stopping thrill ride that will keep readers guessing at every turn.

Mind blown.

courtesy of know

courtesy of know

I’m hard at work on the sequel to AT WHAT COST, which Super Agent Elizabeth K. Kracht, of Kimberley Cameron & Associates sold to Crooked Lane also.

I have one or two Advance Copies of AT WHAT COST available for book bloggers who may have the time and interest in darker crime fiction. Just hit me up at and I can get a copy out to you. Thanks a ton.

We now return you to your regularly schedule internet programming…

<Insert cat videos and Pokemon Go trophies here>


  1. Kristin · · Reply

    Can’t wait to read it! Congrats!

    1. Thanks Kristen!

  2. Congrats! Great cover.

    1. Thanks a ton Jan. Yeah, I’m pretty excited about the whole thing.

  3. […] in this delusional place for a while because it feels good to believe that someone actually wanted AT WHAT COST before the official release date and didn’t want to do the pre-order thing on Amazon. […]

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