Wanna Go To Mars?

In light of the political events turning my social media stream into a cesspool, I offer another alternative. I propose we all send in applications for a one-way trip to Mars on behalf of “worthy” individuals.

James L'Etoile

We got this all wrong…

I’m sitting at my keyboard and revising (as I’m supposed to do) and something shiny crosses the monitor and pulls my attention away like a moth to a flame. A news wire reports that over 200,000 people have applied to travel seven months through space and live on Mars. The Mars One Project.

Mars Colony as imagined by the Mars One Project. mars-one.com Mars Colony as imagined by the Mars One Project.          mars-one.com

Like most kids, I remember wanting to be an astronaut, visit far off planets and plant a flag on some dusty asteroid in a desolate corner of the galaxy. But. Then. I. Grew. Up.

Once 2001, came and went and there were no deep space missions with hibernating crew members (not to mention the inconvenient disposing of said crew members by a maniacal H.A.L. computer) the dream evaporated.


That fictional mission had something in common with the very real Mars…

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