Cover Reveal – The Leaked Edition

Psst… The preorder links are up. In case, you know, you have early Christmas shopping to do. Nothing says I love you at Christmas like a book about murder and revenge. #HolidaySpirit

James L'Etoile

Everyone likes a good leak, right?

No, not that kind of leak–I’m talking about the information kind. They must be a popular thing, because I can’t turn on a television news broadcast without someone blathering on about leaks. It doesn’t seem to matter what the leak is about–it turns into a hot, salacious topic and ratings soar.

So, with that in mind–I have a leak for you…


I have a fresh, off the press, image of the cover art for the next detective Penley mystery: BURY THE PAST.

bury the past cover

How do you stop a killer who’s already behind bars?

Sacramento Police Detectives John Penley and Paula Newberry are enlisted to investigate a murder of a former officer involved in the trafficking of stolen street drugs. But they quickly find it’s more complex than they first imagined when DNA evidence on the body traces back to a man already behind prison bars.

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