Betrayed–A Crime Fiction Anthology

On October 1, 2017, the publishing arm of the Authors on the Air, Global Radio Network, releases their very first anthology of short crime fiction. BETRAYED features stories from twenty, critically acclaimed, best selling authors, and I’m thrilled they let me come and play with them. If you’re a crime fiction junkie, like I am, you’ll recognize some of these authors.

BETRAYED is possible, because of Author on the Air’s dynamic creative force, Pam Stack, and her commitment to positive social change. Pam hosted me on her radio show a few months back and we talked about crime, crime fiction, and AT WHAT COST, which was just hitting the streets at the time. Here’s a link to that interview:  link.

When Pam asked me to contribute a story for the anthology, I couldn’t say no. This was especially true when she described her vision for BETRAYED. The anthology would shine a spotlight on personal violence. I’m reluctant to call it “domestic violence,” because that label is used so often and carries a bit of emotional weight and, frankly,  judgement on those involved in these violent encounters. Stories of “battered women,” who make excuses for their assaultive partners, or accusations of “she egged him on,” are inaccurate and don’t portray the scope of personal violence.

This isn’t a “she” issue. Men, women and children are vulnerable to this types of personal violence. The “domestic violence” label paints it as something less than it is. It is violent crime. Worse, it is committed by someone you thought was there to care for you, protect you, and love you. It is a betrayal. Those who live through this trauma aren’t victims–they are survivors.

The authors contributing to BETRAYED have donated their time and creative talents to this project. All proceeds from the sales of the anthology are being donated to a not-for-profit organization to support the victims of violent crime.  Here are the authors in the order of their appearance:

1    Legal Aid by Terri Lynn Coop
2    Soap by Wendy Tyson
3    Smokehouse by Shane Gericke
4    How to Not Find Somebody in Houston by Liam Sweeny
5    14 Days by Ava Mallory
6    When the Music Stops by James L’Etoile
7    The Sound of a Wound by D.V. Bennett
8    The Birthmark and the Brand by Warren Moore
9    Intrepid Woman by Kathryn Jane
10  Jay Cee by Leland Dirks
11   The Other Wife by Kate Pilarcik
12   Get Over It and Grow Up by Steve Cody
13   The Fire Within by Elle Rossi
14   Through the Tears of Love by DB Jones
15   My Father’s Ashes by Laura Moe
16   Hope After Pain by Brenda Kennedy
17   No One Heard by Bill Baber
18   Ending the Nightmares by Pat Gibbons
19   The Second Shot by Elizabeth Heiter
20  Mirror Mirror by Allison Brennan  (A bonus novella)

Some of the authors are sharing the opening lines to their stories on the Anthology By Authors on the Air Facebook Page.  Stop on by a give them a “like.”

You can support this effort and get some really good crime fiction in the process.

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  1. The short story titles piqued my interest. Sounds like a winner and thanks for the heads up on this one.

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