Bouchercon Toronto

This week, I’ll be in Toronto, Canada with over 1,600 mystery writers and readers for Bouchercon. This annual event is dubbed as the world mystery convention and draws some of the biggest names in the business. Connelly, Crais, Coben, Child–just to name the writers with last names starting with the letter “C.”

There are non-stop panels and events to get readers exposed to newer writers, or authors they might not have run across yet. I’ll be participating in a couple of events, and I’ll be attending even more. If you’re interested in California based crime fiction, drop by the California Scheming panel on Thursday 10/12 at 5:30 in Sheraton C. Or, I’ll be holding a 20 on the 20 session and talk about the new books and we’ll play something fun (like prison trivia) to give away a book or two to the winners. The 20 on the 20 session is on Saturday 10/14 at 4:40 in the VIP room.

Here is a link to the program schedule:  click here

Then there’s just hanging out with other writers, some you only get to see once a year at the conference, to celebrate their accomplishments, and get recharged for new projects of your own. There may be a smattering of adult beverages consumed–that’s only a rumor.

Bouchercon will be in St. Petersburg, Florida next year, in Dallas in 2019 and here in Sacramento in 2020. If you can make it to any of these events, do yourself a favor and go. It makes reading an author’s book so much better when you’ve seen them talk about their writing and the very book your holding in your hands.

See you in the Great White North! Don’t be a hoser!




  1. Delores · · Reply

    See you in 2020

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