Prison to the Page Newsletter

I know secretly, deep down in your lizard brain, you’ve always wanted to belong. You want to be part of something bigger. Something where you are among people just like you.

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Something like a prison gang.


We’re starting our own little gang here and unlike the versions behind the walls, this one doesn’t require you to sneak up and shank another inmate in the kidney. The Prison to the Page Newsletter will put you in the action without all the nasty strip searches and lockdowns.

The newsletter will announce book news, signings, and events, and what’s happening in the crime fiction book world. Another feature will be prison trivia. I started a game of prison trivia in Toronto at Bouchercon and it was a blast. So, I thought I’d keep that going and get you familiar with the quaint customs and traditions of the prison world.

It’ll be fun and it’s easy to join this gang. None of that “blood in–blood out,’ nonsense. Just click on the link: Join Newsletter, enter your e-mail address and you’re in. Easiest gang initiation ever.

Thanks, and we’ll have fun.

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