A #NotMyCat Origin Story – A tale of a tail

I’ve been posting over on Facebook about a recent rash of criminal trespassing in the neighboorhood. Trespassing and breaking and entering committed by a cat. And she is #NotMyCat.

#NotMyCat “officially” lives two houses down. According to her owner, the cat’s given name is Case.

#NotMyCat has a wandering eye and has been cruising the neighborhood for the better part of six years. She takes advantage of the buffet of snacks available from house to house. The cat has been content to live a nomadic lifestyle until a few months ago.

For some reason, one that she has yet to confess, #NotMyCat has established our home as her base. Over time, she’s gotten bolder and frankly, brazen in her attachment to our place. She keeps other cats away, performs remedial mousing duties, and climbs to the second-floor roof to peek inside at the humans.

At first, #NotMyCat would wait for us in the driveway to greet our arrival, or meet us in the back and watch the yard work from a comfortable sunny perch.

Then came entry. #NotMyCat figured out how to use the small dog door (Which I should add, the Corgi doesn’t like to use) and nest in the laundry room. She’s fond of a canvas tote we use to recycle plastic bags.

There is absolutely no attitude







Then came the outright invasion. I found #NotMyCat sleeping in the upstairs guest room. She was a bit put out that I had disturbed her beauty sleep.

Followed by the take over of the family room chair. Apparently, if you face away #NotMyCat believes you can’t see her.



You can’t see me





#NotMyCat is ferocious and makes her expectations clear. She’ll swat at you when you walk by if you fail to acknowledge her presence. She’s knocked over my coffee and spilled books on the floor. When you take a break and sit, it won’t take a minute until #NotMyCat finds you and pins you down. The Corgi (whose watchdog skills are in serious question at this point) isn’t all too thrilled with this furry little interloper joining us on walks.




Walking with a cat is demeaning




The thing is–the owner knows where the cat is. The neighbor handles the vet care and all that while #NotMyCat just goes where she wants. And right now that is in my lap when I’m trying to read.



Get to the part with the mouse





I’ve come to a small agreement with #NotMyCat. I will allow her to come and go (while claiming no ownership of said cat) if she’ll promote my book.








She was even recognized at a recent book signing event at Book Passage in Corte Madera with her own customized perch.




Reserved for #NotMyCat




#NotMyCat has been trying to make her “Case” that she is my cat. She isn’t. Others out there on Facebook have taken up her call:

Screenshot 2018-01-25 16.00.49

From the talented Terri Lynn Coop https://www.facebook.com/terri.l.coop

Totally #NotMyCat

Screenshot 2018-01-25 16.03.59

From the inventive Ann Abel http://bit.ly/2Gh2JQ3

Totally #NotMyCat




Totally #NotMyCat



  1. Delores Quenemoen · · Reply

    Love this story Jim. I once found the neighbors cat lounging in front of my fireplace when I got home from work; in at the cat door I guess. Also had a cat of my own that did go on walks with me but only because the dog was going; he loved my dog and used to sleep on top of the dog like he was a tree branch. When we lived in the mountains and had numerous outdoor cats they would all go on walks with me up the hills…it looks really funny to have 6 or 7 cats following you…makes people think you must have some really enticing smell about you or something. I currently support a small feral cat colony at my house all started by a feral dumping her little kitten here and me feeding it because mom didn’t come back…….and it took me 5 years to trap that first cat in order to stop the growth of the colony. Luckily she always let me get close to her kittens so I was able to train them and find homes for them; well, most of them. I currently have only 1 female that will not go into the trap and she is NOT a friendly one. Say prayers I get her trapped before she pops out a new litter since I cant get close to her kittens. The males always go into the traps…the girls; not so much.

    I really love your story and you have nice dogs that let neighborhood cats join them in their space.
    Take care.

    1. Cats are strange creatures. Independent, strong-willed and a what goes on in their little furry little heads. I’m sure it is not good at all. That’s great that you’ve adopted an entire colony–until they turn on you…

  2. you do realize that cat’s pick their owners and seems to me you have been picked!!

  3. allisonanndavis · · Reply


    1. #NotMyCat is making a hard sell. She is getting more demanding by the day. Tonight, she grabbed my hand (using just enough claw to show she was serious) and engaged me in forced head scratching.

  4. lydiaschoch · · Reply

    This is too funny. She must really like you, and that’s a compliment. Cats can be pretty particular about who they like. 🙂

    1. Lydia, this cat cracks me up. I never know where she’ll turn up next and oh, my God the attitude!

  5. Great picture of you and #NotMyCat….

    1. What that photo really shows is a wild, feral beast ready to lunge at my neck!

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