Authors on the Air Podcast and #NotMyCat Strikes Again

I enjoy talking to people about what I write and how I come up with the stories and characters. Pam Stack, of Authors On The Air Global Radio Network, and I had a chance to sit down and chat about BURY THE PAST, my life in prison, and #NotMyCat.

As I’m writing this, I hear #NotMyCat ripping around downstairs attacking the cardboard box and tennis balls I left as distractions. So, far they seem to be working and allowing me to get some work in on the latest project.









Take a couple of minutes and check out Pam’s podcast for a bit more about BURY THE PAST (Crooked Lane Books), what it’s like for a guy to write a strong female protagonist, and more of the inside story of #NotMyCat’s home invasion. We also talked about BETRAYED: Powerful Stories of Kick-Ass Crime Survivors, an anthology published under Authors on the Air Press.

Here’s the link to the show: link to blog talk radio  Or, you can take the podcast with you on Apple iTunes: iTunes

Pam’s always great to chat with and she always has an interesting take on what’s going on in the crime and mystery fiction world. This particular podcast was cut off a bit at the end and I blame #NotMyCat for chewing on the cords and cables because we stopped talking about her.







I’m always interested in what people want to know about the books, my background in prison/parole/probation, or what it’s like to fend off a home invasion from #NotMyCat. If you have a question, tag me in a comment, or email me at


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