Rerelease of Little River: The Other Side of Paradise

In 2013, my first novel, Little River was released by SALTMedia. It was a story about human trafficking in the Caribbean and the dark pervasive web of crime and corruption that follows human misery. There are 30 million people, primarily women and children, trapped in human trafficking rings–many of which come through our cities.

I donated most of the profit from this little novel to not-for-profit agencies to combat human trafficking. Not a ton of money, but a significant, ongoing contribution.

This year, I had the opportunity to re-edit and re-release the book. I included a bonus short story, “When the Music Stops,”originally published in the BETRAYED anthology, a collection of crime fiction works to benefit the survivors of domestic violence from Pam Stack and the Authors on the Air. A new Little River cover design by Elle J. Rossi, of Evernight Designs completed the repackaging.

I’ve set the ebook price at a low $2.99 and proceeds will continue to go to NGO’s to help the survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence.

Click here for more information about the story and where you can get your copy to help fight human trafficking.

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