A Prison is a Prison…

Here’s a recent blog post for Murder Book Blogs. People at large really don’t know what happens once a convict is sentenced. It’s not a one size fits all solution–there’s much more to it…

Murder Books

Thinking about prison, the public at large has two thoughts; the first being once a convicted person is sentenced, they’re tossed in a cell forever, and second, every prison is the same.

—not so much.

Correctional systems have evolved since the time of the dungeon in the underground crypt of the palace, or the Black Hole of Calcutta. In these predecessors of the modern prison system, the sentence meant a long and agonizing death. The offense was often something minor. Public perception hasn’t moved on from the belief that once arrested, tried, and convicted, the criminal will forever be banished from society.

Ninety percent of the prison population will return to the very communities they came from. Often, these convicts are no better prepared for living in society than when they left it the last time. Prisons can’t rehabilitate people who don’t want to change. We’re left with a revolving…

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