Prison Myths

There are endless myths and legends about what happens behind the walls. Too many social media platforms profess to give the “prison-curious” writers and others get the inside scoop. The problem is, most of it is based on watching a few episodes of Orange is the New Black. Here’s one example…

Murder Books

There are a great number of myths and legends from the “Big House.” Some myths come from misinformation on what happens inside this strange unfamiliar world, while other legends spring from convict eyewitness accounts–believe it or not, felons aren’t always the best source for accurate information. Don’t get me started on movie depictions of life on the inside…

There are a surprising number of online sources where people go to find out what really goes on in prison, sometimes because they are headed there themselves and want to know what to expect. Most of the online chat rooms get it wrong–and here’s a fun example.

I worked in a older prison.When I say older, I mean really old. Folsom Prison was built in the 1880’s and is still in use today. When you have a physical plant made from granite block, steel, and concrete the procedures used to maintain order…

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    1. Thanks, Elena. It is a different world in there…

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