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Professional Envy–You have to be happy for the other guy, even if it’s your dog

Jealousy–the green monster–envy–Thou Shall not covet The warnings against envy and jealousy go back centuries and biblical scholars of every stripe include envy in the list of Seven Deadly Sins deep within all the holy texts. In more modern times, the movie Seven didn’t end too well for Gywenneth Paltrow’s character…(psst, her head’s in that […]

What The Hell Was I Thinking?

So you typed the words, The End Remember that first manuscript you finished? The one you thought was going to rocket to the top of the bestselling lists? Sure you do. I remember that day. Queries went out and I sat back waiting to watch the big 5 publishers fight over the rights to the book. The […]

Writers With Issues?

Who doesn’t have issues? We all got ’em. Take a good look in that mirror and if you’re human you’ve got your share (some more than others) of quirks, habits and flaws. Collectively, these are your “issues.” They aren’t all bad, don’t get me wrong. That mix of psychic stuff is what makes you – you. […]