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Professional Envy–You have to be happy for the other guy, even if it’s your dog

Jealousy–the green monster–envy–Thou Shall not covet The warnings against envy and jealousy go back centuries and biblical scholars of every stripe include envy in the list of Seven Deadly Sins deep within all the holy texts. In more modern times, the movie Seven didn’t end too well for Gywenneth Paltrow’s character…(psst, her head’s in that […]

2013 Wasn’t All Bad

In 2013, we suffered the likes of Anthony Wiener as Carlos Danger,  Sharknado and a strange, on-stage grand-mal seizure by Miley Cyrus which caused flights of Angels to weep.  2013 was a year mired in Syrian civil war violence, the Boston Marathon bombing, school shootings and government shutdowns.  At times, it appeared the Mayan prediction […]