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F Street Boarding House Murders

In the late 1980’s, the discovery of a bizarre serial murder caught the Sacramento area by storm. Nine deaths were attributed to the killer. It wasn’t the kind of murder that made people lock their doors at night fearing the return of the Night Stalker, or the East Area Rapist. This one was different and […]

The Social Media Sweet Spot

How I long for the days when the National Enquirer was the only questionable media out there. Current events and how they turn up on my social media timeline is an interesting lesson in human behavior. We–as a species–are so gullible that we willingly grab onto the first snippet of information that matches our narrative, […]

Writers With Issues?

Who doesn’t have issues? We all got ’em. Take a good look in that mirror and if you’re human you’ve got your share (some more than others) of quirks, habits and flaws. Collectively, these are your “issues.” They aren’t all bad, don’t get me wrong. That mix of psychic stuff is what makes you – you. […]

What Lemmings Can Tell Us

Ah, regard the noble Lemming. The Lemming is a four ounce fur ball with a single minded determination that often proves to be its undoing.  Do you remember a teacher, or parent asking, “If your friends jumped off a cliff, would you?”  Well, if you’re a lemming, you’ll happily march, nose-to-butt off the nearest cliff. Lemmings […]