Newspaper Marketing for Your Novel

Getting new eyes on your work is what it’s about.



No…not in a creepy way.

It doesn’t matter if you choose to self publish, or go the traditional route through a publisher – getting attention about a book means looking at every possible marketing avenue.  Much of that will fall on the author.  In October, I posted about Guerrilla Marketing and taking advantage of targets of opportunity to talk about your book.

Social media seems to sprout a new application every week to post your files, photos and sales pitches.  The problem is, that approach can become very impersonal and reek of spam.  In 140 characters, it is hard to get a feel for the author, or what the book is really about.  Social media has a place, but it has built in limits.  Here today, gone from the feed and timeline tomorrow.

Don’t forget old-fashioned paper media in your marketing plan.  Most newspapers offer a column or recurring feature on new book releases, book events, and local authors.  You might have to offer a media kit, including your bio, reviews, and book information along with a copy of you book for a review.  There is no guarantee that the newspaper will give your book a write-up, but all you have to lose is a copy of the book that’s gathering dust in your office and a little time.


I’ve been very fortunate with two recent articles published, featuring Little River.  Both reporters were great to work with and were interested in the book, the subject of human trafficking and the process of writing the story.  Something that any author should be able to talk about.

The Folsom Telegraph provided this article and the the Mt. Democrat featured this piece on Little River.  Another review in a later regional newspaper is pending.

All it takes is a phone call.  What do you and your book have to lose?

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