My Lemons Are Your Lemonade (Book Giveaway)

Want a free paperback book?


It seems I have an abundant harvest of Little River print lemons.  I placed an order for a book signing and the box contained several copies I felt were not suitable for sale.  Approximately 20 copies had a few creased and wrinkled pages.  Readable, but not the quality product I felt comfortable exchanging for a reader’s hard earned cash.

The distributor replaced my damaged books, but did not want me to return the paperbacks for recycling.  They only asked that I strip the front covers from the book and not sell them.  That left me with several paperbacks that need new homes, so they don’t end up like this…


So, my proposal to you, is simple.  Take my lemons off my hands.  No charge to you. I’ll pay the postage to your address in the United States.

Let’s have some fun.  If you’d like to receive a free Little River paperback (minus the front cover), please send me an e-mail with your mailing address and I’ll take care of the rest.  No I’m not selling your e-mail, or asking for any money.  I am not a Nigerian Prince asking for your account information.

Take a photo with your rescued Little River paperback and post it on my Author Facebook page, or e-mail it to me and I’ll post it for you.

Here’s what we did with one of the misprints…

IMG_0846 IMG_0847

Little River is a human trafficking thriller set on the island of Jamaica and I contribute a portion of the sales proceeds to a not-for-profit organization to combat human trafficking.  I will make that donation for each book you take, as if I sold them.  Not For Sale, will receive a contribution through your willingness to take a free book. It’s truly a win-win.

If you read it and enjoyed it, I’d be grateful for your review on Goodreads, or Amazon.

Consider this a humanitarian relief effort and give a damaged book a good home.

Contact me at the following e-mail link for crimewriter @ comcast dot net Email me! to get your copy now. Or fill out the contact form below:

Thanks everyone!


  1. “Not a Nigerian prince” made me laugh. Hope you have good fortune on your signing!

  2. Thanks Madison and your newly adopted paperback is winging its way to your mailbox. Well, maybe not winging, but it is heading eastward. And the Nigerian Prince thing…seriously in the last couple of months I’ve gotten four email scams. At least I hope they were scams, because I blew them off. Maybe I should go check. Dear Prince…

  3. […] week I posted a paperback book giveaway for “challenged” copies of Little River. Several copies were damaged in the printing […]

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