Just A Big Ball Of Hate

I hate you, you hate me…

If you live in a cave, you are the fortunate one. You didn’t have to absorb all the bad JuJu from a screwed up world full of hate this week. Pick a corner of the planet. Did you know there are 32, yes, 32 wars going on right now? That little factoid blew my socks off. When you let that sink in, that’s a whole lot of venom swirling around the cosmos.

image from techie via flickr creative commons

image from techie via flickr creative commons

Palestine, Israel, Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Afganistan, Nigeria, Sudan, all killing fields, full of innocent people who simply want to survive. Conflict isn’t anything new here. Since the dawn of time, one group battled another for wealth, resources or, because they were different.

Wars in the name of religion boil down to, My God can beat up your God, and no one wins in that scenario. Thousands die, but no one ever wins. The pendulum of religious fervor will swing back the other direction and another sect will rise to power.

image from Kim Elliott via flickr creative commons

image from Kim Elliott via flickr creative commons

All in the name of “If you’re not like me, you can’t be.”

Different ideas alone don’t threaten the status quo. Different lifestyles, beliefs and appearance don’t cause hate. Hate breeds in a vacuum of ignorance. If a hater doesn’t understand your choices, he’ll invent a reason to tell you you’re wrong, how you’re a sinner, or hide behind a keyboard and rally up the other haters from beneath their dark mossy rocks.

But this only happens in these far, distant lands where centuries of conflict create a genetic link to perpetual violence, right?

Exotic like, Ferguson, Missouri?

Hey, I wasn’t there and I’m not about to invent my version of events. It’s tragic and I feel for everyone involved. But, Sweet Holy Mother of Flamingos, the reaction, blame and outrage on both sides was irresponsible. I know it’s Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, but that’s no excuse for activists, hate mongers, race-baiters and their ilk, to circle the town in wait for a television spot, or an opportunity to make a quick buck. Oh, and looting and burning always solves problems, just like tear gas and fire hoses.

image from Thomas Hawk via flickr creative commons

image from Thomas Hawk via flickr creative commons

This is not the time to let the haters win. Don’t allow them to divide us. They thrive on conflict, disorder and misery. If we take that fuel away, we all win. Let the people assemble to voice their grievances and allow the police ensure that it is done safely. Those who prey upon grief and try to sew the seeds of unrest will shrivel up and blow away like dust.

from entropy.org

from entropy.org

This isn’t meant to be a big Kumbaya moment. We have work to do and it begins with respect and tolerance, people. I’m turning off the television and if you have room in your cave, I’d appreciate a little corner until this big ball of hate begins to deflate.

image from Ferran Jordá via flicker creative commons

image from Ferran Jordá via flicker creative commons


  1. stephanie710 · · Reply

    32 wars…wow. No, I did not know that until I read it here. Wow. Sadly, it all seems to blend together when you hear about it all the time. It’s easy to forget that there are so many separate conflicts going on, and over what? About five years ago, I read a book called: God Is Not Great. Basically it was about how the concept of god has been the start of almost all major wars/acts of violence. Scary, sad, and unnecessary. I’m with you: live and let live. As for the burning of Missouri…speechless. These are the times when I remember why I turned off my cable. Great post that everyone should read.

    1. Thanks Stephanie. I find it interesting that the media has such a huge role in keeping a story going. Depending on the channel, or network, you’d swear you were listening to an account of something unrelated. You have a good point about cutting the cable..

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