Book Giveaway Winners Announced

Last week I posted a paperback book giveaway for “challenged” copies of Little River. Several copies were damaged in the printing process and left them not suitable for sale. But, I could give them away and that’s what I did.

I appreciate the wonderful response to the giveaway and your willingness to adopt books in need of a new home.

Where I imagine my books went to live

Where I imagine my books went to live

The demand (surprisingly and with relief) exceeded my expectations and most of the copies were snapped up in the first couple of hours. My deepest thanks to:

Jason Cantrell
Onisha Ellis
Madison Woods
Rebeca Spencer
Beverly Zehringer
Irma Gonzalez
Jacqueline Kincer
Karen Jacobson
Elizabeth Bonneau
Loretta Praster
Heather Overton
Judy Hricko

These brave souls were the first to put in their adoption papers for a copy of Little River. Their paperback copies should be staining the mailboxes any minute.

I’ve asked each winner to email, or post a photo of them with their copy, for fun and to lessen my separation anxiety. I will share their photos with you as they arrive.

Thanks for having fun and keep checking back for new opportunities. If you weren’t able to join in this giveaway, I’m certain I’ll be hosting something fun – soonish.

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