Let Me Enjoy My Happy Place

The Time In Between Writing Projects

I’ve found that sweet spot, the one right after you finish reading a good book, and wrapping up the revisions on a manuscript of your own. A warm glow spreads from the center of my being.

Could this be contentment? This vaguely familiar feeling smells of an overheated computer motherboard mixed with fresh brewed coffee. Intoxicating and comforting, for a moment. I can poke my head out of my cave and soak up some sunlight. My desk will be clean, without the post it note clutter, notepad pages and tear stains. Ahhhh, peace. But, after a short while, I start looking for clouds on the horizon.

I know it won’t be long until my Happy Place begins to looks like an abandoned trailer park. First, I’ll start sorting a few plot ideas I’ve been collecting. Then scratch out some character details and before I realize what’s happened, my tidy little workspace reverts to the dark side.

Writing Spaces image by chestier via flickr creative commons

Writing Spaces
image by chestier via flickr creative commons

I’ll stay away from the keyboard for a few days, just to show the Muse who’s boss. Then the itch will start burning deep in my veins, pushing me for another fix, just write a couple of words. “You know to want to,” she says.

I know the glow will be fleeting before I have to sharpen my crayon for the next book. But, until then, I have message for the last manuscript:


Let me enjoy the few days where I get to clear my head until I jump into the next book.


  1. I know exactly what you mean! I’m doing the finishing touches to my synopsis for one book, just completed editing another, am doing a rewrite on another and have three stories planned/structured. I think it’s going to be awhile before I enjoy that peace you’re talking about. LOL

    1. Usually, the stars don’t line up this nicely for me. Everything seemed to find the finish line at the same time. After I rejuvenate the neural web between my ears, I have a rewrite on one project, two books need editing and at some point I have a new book idea I have to start doodling… Thanks Sue!

      1. Enjoy it while it lasts.

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