You Know You’re Old When…

I had another one of these moments this week. You know the moment I’m talking about – that little speck of sunshine where everything is hunky-dory until the Universe kicks the stool out from under you. Senior discount my ass!

James L'Etoile

The Universe is a mean little kid

Every now and again, the Universe sticks its bony leg out to trip you. The trip and fall might be psychic, but the sting is real enough. And the devious little bastard thinks it’s just the funniest thing ever. The twit plays dirty and hides until you’re feeling pretty good about yourself. If you’re really tuned-in you can feel it coming.

shattered image by steven doung via flickr creative commons shattered image by steven doung via flickr creative commons

The moment you finish a writing project, maybe even when you ink a book deal, your mind gives off a certain energy. This energy has a name — happiness. The Universe abhors happiness. Driven by jealousy, or some primal need to balance the cosmic geospastic forces, the Universe strikes out. Happiness draws the mean little kid Universe like cockroaches to a moldy granola bar.

The Universe got me this week and issued an old…

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