The Five Signs of Hipster Influenza

They are all around us…

James L'Etoile

There is a pox upon us. Actually, this cultural mutation is a global epidemic. The hipster influenza is upon us and it shows no sign of weakening.


How do I know this?

I was exposed recently, let me explain. So, I’m sitting at a Mexican food joint, eating my little grilled chicken burrito, when the conversation at the next table catches my attention.

I’m not usually an eavesdropper kind of guy, but when course of the conversation involves the existence of mythical creatures and psycho-physio-kenesis (his word, not mine), I tune in because I kinda want to know where this goes.

Let me set the stage for you. The adjoining table is occupied by four hipsters in their early to mid-twenties, two guys and two girls. The buritto place is near a local community college, so they may have migrated from the halls of higher education to graze on their vegetarian burrito bowls.  The foursome gave…

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