5 Life Lessons From Walking the Dog

This post, 5 Life Lessons From Walking the Dogs, was republished by ilovecorgis.net It still rings true. So go out there and sniff around. Just no peeing in the neighbor’s hedges. Some people are strangely offended at the slightes things…

James L'Etoile

I had a bit of an epiphany during the morning dog walk. The act of walking is good for the dogs, good for me, but it represents much more.

2014-09-09 09.54.17

Like most things in life, if we rush through the walk to get it over with to cross off an item on the never-fricking-ending-to-do list, we’re missing something good. That one walk, the one this morning, cannot be repeated. There is no do-over, you’ve got one shot at it, so make it count.

We can learn a few things from the walking the dogs, valuable life lessons.

  1. Make the walk a habit. It’s a way to get going, (get off Facebook) and clear your mind for everything you have on your plate today. You don’t have to think about all that stuff while you walk, but the act of walking the dogs somehow sorts out the list of crap and makes it…

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