Shut Up And Drive

The summer driver syndrome is out in full blossom. Texting and driving doesn’t make you a multitasking marvel–it makes you despicable.

James L'Etoile

Pardon me whilst I squeeze into my ranty pants. I don’t remember them being this tight. Ahem…

This morning I had the occasion to venture out in public and join in the mass migration on the public thoroughfare. Interstate 5 is a sprawling mass of asphalt and cement, up to eight lanes wide at some points to manage all the commuter traffic through and around Sacramento. Generally, it all works when everyone has ingested the required maintenance dose of caffeine, or prescription medication and there isn’t a single drop of rain on the blacktop. When the humidity increases, everyone loses their minds and drives like they are in a midwest floodplain.


Here in the state of Confusion California, they attempt to legislate every aspect of your life. While I don’t like the nanny state approach, one thing I do agree with is the ban on texting while driving. This morning’s drive to and back from the…

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