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Writers Helping Writers

Do you suffer through those writing moments where you need a high energy spark to get your word slinging back on track? Like most writers, I’ve increased my caffeine intake to levels that make a howler monkey twitch.  I’ve tried music until my ears bleed and my legs get cramps when I even think of […]

Felony Stupid – The Booze Cruise

It’s been a while since we presented a felony stupid criminal story and when this one came my way, I knew I had to share it with you. This story features Linda, a thirty-something woman with a bit of an alcohol problem. Linda is not her real name, but I doubt that she could remember […]

A Good Time To Be A Writer

July looks like it will roll out as a good time to be a writer. There must have been a planetary alignment sending geospasmic energy into the creative portion of my grey matter. I have no other explanation for the coming together of words and word things. During the month, I managed to complete a […]

Teaching an Old Dog New Social Media Tricks

“What do you mean, I need to use social media? I’m publishing a book, and I don’t care what Ashton Kutcher had for breakfast!” Well, the conversation with my publisher didn’t exactly go like that, but it was pretty close. I am a dinosaur. I admit it. A year ago, what I knew about social […]

Behind the Cover of Little River

You can’t judge a book by its cover?  Yeah, maybe.  I admit when I browse the aisles in a bookstore, or scroll through the e-book offerings in Amazon, or Barnes and Noble, I look for something more than a flashy, photoshopped image.  I think I’m like most readers when I expect something more – something […]

My Little River Publishing Journey

Every writer’s road to getting a novel published is unique.  No one takes the same turns, makes the same decisions and agrees to compromise in the same manner.  Yes, I said compromise and before the cries of artistic freedom and censorship fall down from the heavens, let me explain how Little River came alive. The […]

Little River

During a recent trip to Jamaica, I had some down time waiting for my connecting flight and then again waiting in the customs lines in Montego Bay.  My mind wandered, as it often does, but this time,  it drifted and  formed the framework of my novel.  The plot line lay in the faces and unspoken […]