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All The Voices in My Head

The voices are telling me to do things… From time to time, I’ve mentioned the voices that spawn from the murky creative mist to bestow their wisdom upon me. Whether I need this paranormal assistance isn’t really the question. I’ll take any inspiration a Muse wants to toss my way. The voices come through when […]

A Voice on Editing and Ego

Editing a manuscript is one thing you cannot shortcut.  The process is direct, personal and, if you’re not ready for it, editing will rip the flesh from your bones, leaving you and your story a quivering mass of gelatin. Like most things in life, I’ve learned this the hard way.  You’ve finished a draft of your […]

Snakes On A Plane – Or In Your House

I had a paranormal experience this week. I channeled Samuel L.  Jackson from his infamous role in Snakes On A Plane.  There shouldn’t be snakes on a plane and there shouldn’t be snakes in my house.  First off, no this wasn’t a venomous rattlesnake, the variety that slither about in the foothills where we live. […]