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A 12 Step Approach to Procrastination

Procrastination is an addiction. “Oh, I can do that tomorrow,” or “I’ve got plenty of time left to get that project done,” are the Procrastination Addict’s go-to excuses for putting off the inevitable. Procrastination is an insidious disease, an infliction that begins in our early years, when we were tardy for that god forsaken math class. […]

Is Your Bucket Full?

Memory loss, fatigue, headache? Have you had a sensation, deep inside your brain and you’re not sure if it is a impending migraine or a minor league epiphany? It is that split second when you get a flash, and instead of the pain, you are left with this little infertile kernel of an idea. The thought, by […]

Death and Taxes

I started writing a post about timing and fate, but the damn thing got way too heavy and dark.  Now I like dark, but mysterious life forces pushing you around to the beat of some demented drummer is another thing. So, I opted for something lighter and in recognition of the season, here is something […]

Make Procrastination Your Bitch

Listen. Can you hear that? Tick, tock, tick, tock… The clock spring unwinds and each swipe of the pendulum is like a 50,000 volt charge to your frost-protected nether regions. Get off your ass – tick, get moving – tock, get something finished for crapsake – tick. Time is wasting! This particular time of year […]

Traveling (and Writing) with Your Dogs

A getaway to finish a revision on a manuscript seemed like a good idea. Revision and edits on a manuscript are moving along well, but slower than I hoped.  Constant interruptions from phone calls, doorbells, and the siren’s call of unattended yard work, lure me away from the pages.  A couple of days on the […]

Procrastination as Art

Okay, here’s the deal, I have an addiction.  My name’s James and I’m a procrastinator. “Hello, James,” says a choir of similarly afflicted souls.  If only there were a 12 step group for my addiction.  I procrastinate when I write, when I edit and especially when I’m planning a new project. When it comes to […]