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Is Our Guest Room Ready?

I don’t blog about politics, but I often touch on social issues in posts, from human trafficking, to violence and crime. All great makings for flashy television news ratings. I’ve been watching the coverage on the Syrian refugee coverage for months. Nearly 5 million refugees have fled the country, and another 6 million displaced within […]

Karma Police

I’m a firm believer in Karma. No, not the old Volkswagen. I’m talking about that great universal force behind “What goes around – comes around.” The, “You’ll get what you deserve,” cosmic power kind of thing. It took me years to accept there was real Karma out there in the universe. You see too many examples […]

2013 Wasn’t All Bad

In 2013, we suffered the likes of Anthony Wiener as Carlos Danger,  Sharknado and a strange, on-stage grand-mal seizure by Miley Cyrus which caused flights of Angels to weep.  2013 was a year mired in Syrian civil war violence, the Boston Marathon bombing, school shootings and government shutdowns.  At times, it appeared the Mayan prediction […]