2013 Wasn’t All Bad

In 2013, we suffered the likes of Anthony Wiener as Carlos Danger,  Sharknado and a strange, on-stage grand-mal seizure by Miley Cyrus which caused flights of Angels to weep.  2013 was a year mired in Syrian civil war violence, the Boston Marathon bombing, school shootings and government shutdowns.  At times, it appeared the Mayan prediction of the end of days was upon us, they just got the math wrong on the date.


But, buried in all the noise and nonsense that was 2013, a few moments surfaced to restore my faith in humanity.

1.  The Wisconsin man who cradled a 19-year old arthritic dog in the waters of Lake Superior to ease his canine companion’s pain.



2.  Thousands of strangers in San Francisco came together to celebrate a child cancer survivor in the guise of Batkid.

image via Jeff Chiu AP via NPR

image via Jeff Chiu AP via NPR

3.  The Las Vegas cabbie who found and returned $300,000 in cash he found in the backseat of his taxi.

image via NBC news

image via NBC news

4.  The South African man rescued after being trapped underwater, alone, for three harrowing days.

image via yahoo news.com

image via yahoo news.com

5.  A sixteen-year old Malala Yousazia appears at the United Nations after recovering from a terrorist assassination attempt.

image via shantpax.com

image via shantpax.com

6.  On the lighter side of the year, I’m grateful there was NOT another installment of the Twilight saga.


A host of positive things happened in 2013.  Small things. Acts performed by good people, doing good things.  We might not be able to influence the proper working of a government website, or broker a peace deal in the Middle East, but small efforts build.  Do what you can, be positive and make a difference.  I donate a portion of sales proceed of my books to non-profits…it doesn’t matter what you do, simply do something.  As Edmund Burke said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

Happy new year folks and thanks for the support this year.  Wishing you the very best for 2014.

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