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Are You Outraged?

Outrage! You see expressions of outrage everywhere. It’s on social media, television, and you can find it in your neighborhood. We seem to be outraged about something, all the time. Therein lies the problem. We’ve cheapened outrage by overuse. Not all outrage is created equal. There is righteous indignation and then there is the self-possessed […]

#Whose Lives Matter?

#Whose Lives Matter? That debate seems to drive blood pressure and rhetoric from every corner. And, frankly, I’m sick of it. #BlackLivesMatter, #WhiteLivesMatter, #BlueLivesMatter… This isn’t about that past, or transgressions. This is about now. None of us is a special little snowflake. We all matter, or nobody matters.

Just A Big Ball Of Hate

I hate you, you hate me… If you live in a cave, you are the fortunate one. You didn’t have to absorb all the bad JuJu from a screwed up world full of hate this week. Pick a corner of the planet. Did you know there are 32, yes, 32 wars going on right now? […]

I’m An Ostrich

I’m an Ostrich a good deal of the time, with my head in the sand, peacefully oblivious to most of what’s swirling around in the real world. I’m happy here.  Don’t pluck with me. In my little Ostrich mind, others do the right thing, are tolerant of one another’s beliefs and keep their flock together. […]