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I’m a Prepper, He’s a Prepper, Wouldn’t You Like to be a Prepper Too?

The world is falling apart at the seams. Wars, famine, global warming and now, the fricken ebola virus threatens our existence as a species. Change the channel and your’ll find another crisis; Ukraine, Gaza, or a Fukishima reactor meltdown. Even our “fun” television shows and movies warn us of a dystopian future full of Sharknados and Walking […]

2013 Wasn’t All Bad

In 2013, we suffered the likes of Anthony Wiener as Carlos Danger,  Sharknado and a strange, on-stage grand-mal seizure by Miley Cyrus which caused flights of Angels to weep.  2013 was a year mired in Syrian civil war violence, the Boston Marathon bombing, school shootings and government shutdowns.  At times, it appeared the Mayan prediction […]